Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Trendy Accessory I Do Not Get To Own: Glasses

Raise your hand if you've ever seen a photo of my husband without glasses.

No one? Me either. Actually, he has taken one picture without glasses since we've met, and that was his driver's license. He always, always is wearing glasses. They are a part of him, like Starbucks is a part of me. Ronnie loves his glasses, I love them, and everyone else just knows Ronnie as the guy with the glasses.

Back when we were dating, I supposedly ruined a pair of his expensive, prescription eyeglasses. We were standing in the parking lot of church saying goodbye after youth group. Ronnie leaned in and put his arms around me, and I felt a big CRUNCH. His glasses had been sitting on the collar of his shirt, and when we hugged ever so tightly, they were smashed in the process.

Who thinks this was MY fault? Ronnie no one right? Because who put them on the inside of his shirt and forgot of them? RONNIE DID.I was nice and decided it was time to replace them and buy eyeglasses for him so he didn't walk around blind.

I seriously almost broke another pair last week too! He always sets them on the bed with him when he is falling asleep instead of on the night stand, and then of course, they fall off the bed during the night. The other morning, I just about stepped on them. I literally felt them under my feet and jumped back thinking of having to replace a third set of glasses! If we broke another pair, we'd be going looking for eyeglasses online yet again.

Do you wear glasses? Are you blind as a bat?  Or do you have great vision and wish you wore glasses like me? I actually do not wear glasses, so I feel jealous of all of you who do get to accessorize with glasses.  I seriously  think I need to buy glasses just for looks. Don't judge me! is a great company that is the lowest-priced website where you can order prescription glasses at a fraction of the cost of most companies.I was perusing their website, picking out all the pairs I'd like to try out if only I was blessed with poor vision. I even tried this Virtual Mirror and decided that  I need to get myself a pair of glasses, even if they are for looks only. Is that cheating?? I don't care!

Give this Virtual Mirror a try to see how stylish you'd look with a new pair of glasses, and go check out GlassesUSA for a great deal!

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  1. Ha, I've needed glasses all my life... but then I ditched them for contacts.