Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 In Review-Part One

2013 was a BIG year for me! This past year was full of life-changing moments and memories I will always, always treasure.

In January of this year, I distinctly remember being in serious pain most of the time with my RA. I was working at my old job in the factory long hours, and struggling through the process of finding the right medicine to treat my RA. What I remember most about this time is how selfless and loving Ronnie was to me. We were dating, and this was definitely one of those really challenging seasons that I still am in awe of how steady Ronnie was. We started dating in August of 2012, and by the end of October, I was very sick and it took until March or April until I was feeling well again. We had some long months of me being in pain, of me being angry at God, for questioning "Why?" and doubting His ability to heal me. But my now-husband never stopped pursuing me, loving me, and serving me.

We rang in the new year with a few friends, quietly and in my apartment. We didn't even kiss at midnight because at that point, we still hadn't shared our first kiss yet!

I also spent time with two of my sweet friends who were so encouraging and loving to me when I didn't feel well. They encouraged me to ask for help when I needed it, and to rest when I was tired. I treasure the time I spent with my girlfriends during this season!


I can't recall much about February, and I don't think we did too much because my RA was still really bothering me. On Valentines Day, Ronnie showed up at my office with coffee and took me out to dinner. He also built and hung up some awesome pallet shelves in my apartment, that turned out to be a real pain to take down when I moved out. 


In March, we celebrated Ronnie's birthday. I remember this month finally feeling on my way back to normal. I had significantly less pain, and even started trying to run again!

I also accepted a job that seemed really great on the surface, but then when I found out a little more about the company, their policies and practices, and their insurance coverage, I ended up changing my mind last minute and staying with the company I was at. I was super bummed about it, because the job I was working was very hard and extremely draining, but it was a better fit for me then jumping headfirst into what seemed like a very shady company. Luckily, God had better plans for me because just a few months later, I actually landed a job as a Recruiter for the State of Idaho.


April was such a fun month! A group of us girlfriends were able to help Stacey's now husband propose! We went out for pedicures and told Stacey we were going to a paint your own pottery place to paint and drink wine, but instead we dropped her off near a little lake where Jakob was waiting for her! It was so special to get to be a part of her proposal!


May was a sweet month for us as I finally conistenly had the weekends off, and Ronnie and I spent many Saturday mornings on our treasured breakfast dates. In the earliest days of dating, we actually had breakfast together every Monday because I was actually working graveyard shifts a few times a week, and even though in May I was working normal hours, we still treasured our breakfasts together. One of our favorite places was Big City Coffee House in Boise, and now I am just craving a morning spent there with a good book and my sweet husband!


June was a HUGE MONTH because well…I GOT ENGAGED FRIENDS!! You can read our Engagement Story here, but Ronnie had such a sweet thoughtful proposal all planned out and it ended with a surprise engagement party with some of our very best friends.

We also started the process of looking for our first home and after two offers, we finally landed this beauty. We seriously feel so blessed every day that God has provided such a wonderful first home for us. I lived in our house during our engagement and Ronnie moved in when we got married, and we've already started creating so many sweet "firsts" in this house.

Karissa, one of my very best friends and Ronnie and I also ran the Color Me Rad 5k. This race was so special to me because it was the first race I was able to run after being diagnosed with RA. I seriously felt so blessed to be running again after only being diagnosed with such a debilitating disease only eight months prior.

Part Two will be up sometime before 2014-This post was getting to be longer than anyone wanted to read, so I thought I'd leave you hanging. October was a pretty big month for us, so stay tuned for that ;)
Writing this post is amazing. I can't believe how much work God has done in my life over the past year. Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, and in relationships with my family and friends. God is GOOD you guys. He has blessed me and my family more than I can comprehend. So thankful for 2013 and for the fresh start of a New Year!

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  1. What a fun year for you! So many new things! I love your new blog design!

  2. Sorry you had a rough start to this year, but it seems like the rest of it definitely helped you get through it all! Ronnie is so sweet to you and I just love reading about it always!

  3. I love reading about how much God worked in your life during the year! Looking forward to reading about the second half!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful year for y'all :)

  5. This sounds like it has been a really good year for you! Well, especially the getting engaged and married part would kind of make it a red-letter year for the history books!

  6. I love end of the year posts. Look at how many exciting and lovely things you were able to experience! I can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2014! xo

  7. Sounds like you've had a fabulous year!!!! :-) You are very blessed with a wonderful man and amazing friends. :-)

  8. Girl, I love your new blog design! And this was so fun to read your recap of 2013! Since we didn't meet until a little ways into the year it was fun to read about months 1-6 :) Looking forward to part 2!