Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tis The Season: Guest Post by the Florkens

Happy Tuesday Friends! Although my morning started out a LITTLE rough, hopefully the rest of my day, and your day is smooth, quick, and painless.I want to introduce you to my friend Kate! I met her through blogging and I think you will absolutely LOVE HER!


Hi Happy is a Choice readers - I'm Kate and I blog over at the "florkens" with my husband Adam. Yes, Adam actually blogs with me. For proof, see herehere, and even one of our vlogs here!

But enough on that -- I wanted to take this opportunity to take over Brittany's blog and talk to you about about something that I love --- CHRISTMAS! More specifically, about an odd choice we've made this year in regards to Christmas.

We aren’t buying a Christmas tree. It’s not because we’re like Scrooge on the holidays. The opposite in fact – I am a holiday “celebrationist” in every sense of the word! And trust me, between the baking of homemade cinnamon rolls, the hot tea and cider, and the watching of “The Family Stone” and “Love Actually” on repeat – there is nothing I love more during December than to stare at the pretty packages all wrapped beneath a beautifully decorated tree.
Our tree and pet stockings last year...
But we won’t be doing that part this year. Why?

Last year was our first Christmas in our rent house. It’s an older home with low ceilings so we bought a normal 6ft tall tree. By the time we added the star topper, we were scraping the ceiling. Still, we loved it for what it was.

Once Christmas actually rolled around, we had to pack up and make the rounds to visit family. Adam’s folks are about 3 hours north of us and my family is all about 4.5 hours south. You know what THAT means? Yes – endless hours on the road for yours truly. Still, we took it in stride, held hands, sang holiday music, and dreamed about all the Christmases where we’d get to wake up in our own bed and admire our own beautiful tree. (Ok, I dreamed those things while Adam nodded his head and grinned at my enthusiasm!)

By the time our miles had been logged and we were home at last, we were both looking forward to getting home and enjoying our tree a little more. Sadly, it was not to be. You see, somehow, the plastic base to our tree had warped during our time away from home and we returned to find our beautiful tree resting on the fireplace mantle!

So just go replace the tree this year, right? Wrong.
Excitement is more than things in boxes & pretty trees...
By next Christmas, Adam and I hope to be homeowners. We hope to watch Love Actually while shoving back homemade cinnamon rolls in a home that we have picked and carefully molded together – most importantly, we are hoping for a home with ceilings MUCH higher than our current ones. So, we thought – what’s the point in buying another tree that fits THIS home if we aren’t going to be here much longer…?

None. So we’ve decided to just unpack the ole’ “mini-apartment” tree this year. We won’t get to sit around staring at a beautifully decorated tree – but we will get to sit around, appreciating what we have this Christmas together while still holding on to those dreams of the prefect Christmas tree in the future. 

And maybe....just maybe I am even more excited for this Christmas without a real tree. Why? Because it means we are planning for something even bigger...even better... And THAT is real excitement!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your tree, Kate! :( That is sad, but I would totally feel the way you do about not wanting to buy one when you can get an awesome one when you are in your own home! That will be such an exciting Christmas for you both!