Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ollie, Here!

Jade and Oak

Hi readers! I am Oliver, but I prefer to be called Ollie.
I am taking over my favorite human's blog today, and its about time.
My parents rescued me from the ghetto of Boise, Idaho.
If they hadn't saved me, I am convinced I was going to be a dog-toy for the fighting pitbulls in the alley behind me.

This is my brother, Jak the Australian Sheperd.

We're besties.Obviously.

We both have a taste for beer and wine, but I can get away with sneaking it from my humans glasses. Jak isn't allowed on the table. Or the couch. Or the bed.
Poor Jak. Its a hard life being the favorite child, but someone has to do it.
I don't always play in boxes and chew on plastic bags,
but when I do, I make sure they are in my humans room and they're sleeping.
Nice to meet you, readers of Happy is a Choice. Its been real.
Its about time for me to go chew up a third iPhone charger cable for the week.


  1. I really can't handle how cute little Ollie is! The picture of Ollie and Jak cuddling is so precious!! I'm definitely glad that you saved this little cutie pie!!

  2. Ahhh!!! Ollie (and Jak) are too cute. My husband and I have talked about adopting a cat to join our 2 dogs!

  3. haha Ollie and jak are both too cute! I love how cats are always cozying up in boxes, too funny. thanks for sharing and linking up! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. OMG he's so cute! Ollie is the cutest kitten name!

  5. Too cute! I love it!


  6. Ollie is real cutie! My dog has a taste for beer and wine too, how funny.

  7. OH goodness Oliver is a doll. Lol that face in the box. Like what?! I'm so happy there are more cat people in blog land than I thought!

  8. How cute! Our dogs name is Ollie too :) He only goes by Oliver when hes in trouble! I am a new follower ot your blog!

  9. what a pair they are so cute together thanks for sharing have a great day