Friday, November 1, 2013

Home Tour: Part One

Happy Friday Friends! I am so excited to share with you the first part of our "Home Tour". I do not feel like our home is "done" or picture ready by any means, there's so much decorating and things I'd still love to do. I am the type of person that wants to do everything now, now, now. When I buy a piece of furniture, I can hardly wait to get it home and have Ronnie drop everything to put it together. But I am trying to let go of that attitude, and instead of thinking of all the stuff I still think we need for our home, I want to be grateful and appreciative of the fact that we even have a home to call our own.

We are not professional photographers, and out home isn't spotless, so please don't judge us. We live in our home, and like I talked about yesterday, sometimes I let dishes pile up and can't find the time to sweep and mop as much as I should. But this is our home, and my favorite part about it is who I share it with.

So, here you have it: our home tour, part one. This is basically our downstairs, minus a guest bedroom, a half bath and the laundry room. Over the next few weeks I'd love to show you our master, and at least a guest bedroom and our bonus room but I can't make any promises. Setting up a home is hard work, so I am sure it will always feel like it is "in progress"

PS: Today is day one of Nicole's Instagram Challenge, #JoyFilledHome so how fitting that its also the first part of our home tour series.

We are thankful for (according to our sign):
Brittany and Ronnie and Jak-Ronnie's mom
Beer-I am guessing one of Ronnie's brothers or groomsmen from our wedding week. What a gem ;)


  1. Love, love, love it! Such cute style and fall decor!

  2. I love all your fall decor! So cute!

  3. LOVE your house! Love the porch so much and all of your decorations! :) Seriously though!

  4. you are too cute to share pictures of your home- it looks cozy and inviting!!!

  5. Your home is beautiful! It looks so cozy, welcoming, and homey! I love it. :) Thanks for sharing, friend!

  6. Your home is so beautiful!! I love your little fall decorations and everything looks so inviting! I can't wait to see more!