Friday, November 22, 2013

Finally, Friday!

Its Friday! Can I get an amen? We made it through another week, friends. Did your week fly by like mine?

Heres what I've been up to this week:

1. Dinner Club with my friends Karissa and Stacey and our husbands. Every other Monday, we all gather around one of our dinner tables, depending on who's turn it is to host. This Monday was my turn, and I made Chicken Fajita Bowls and played Apples to Apples. I love our bi-weekly Dinner Club so much, they make Monday's a little more bearable!

2. Ronnie and I had dinner with my parents, which was one of the first times we've had dinner all four of us since we got married. It was my step-dad's birthday, so we celebrated that and enoyed our time with them.

3. I re-vamped the Sponsorship options here at Happy Is A Choice! Go check them out, and for a limited time, I am offering 50% the largest ad space, the Venti Coffee space! Use the code HELLOGORGEOUS and come hang out on my sidebar! Check out the options here!

4.  I ran at lunch twice this week. Both days were cold and it had just finished raining before I went out, which is my favorite running weather. Although I prefer to jump in a hot shower and drink a hot cup of coffee in my yoga pants after a chilly run, not hurry up and put my work clothes back on and go to my cubicle, running at lunch just works best for my schedule. I am heading out today at lunch again. My goal is to go 3-4 times a week to keep those sneaky holiday pounds at bay.

5. Speaking of running, My step-dad signed me up for my first ever Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving Day! I haven't ran a 5k race since the Color Run this past summer, so I am excited to get back out there and race again!

6. I did some serious reading on my Kindle! For my birthday my dad sent me a giftcard to Amazon which to me equals books, books and more books. I love downloading books on my Kindle. If you need a book recommendation, read Defending Jacob. I could not put it down! I am re-reading Catching Fire before I go see the movie next week, and I also have started the book, Mile Markers which is a book about running.

7. We have a Fall Favorites Give Away Winner! Congrats Rhianon, you are the winner of some of our favorite things! We will be contacting you shortly. Thanks for playing, everyone of you who entered. If you're new around here, I hope you will stay awhile! 

This weekend I'll be doing some baking, and we have a wedding to go to on Saturday, and I hope to get a big chunk of our Christmas shopping done also. What do you have planned this weekend?


  1. The dinner club sounds like so much fun! And good luck on the Turkey Trot!

  2. Mile Markers is a fantastic book!!! Her perspective is so refreshing. Definitely looking up Defending Jacob next on my Kindle!

  3. You have bi-weekly dinner clubs? That's the cutest thing ever! I want to do that!!

    I'm signed up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving too! I already did one earlier this month and I was supposed to do a 5 miler tomorrow, but that's not happening. I like your idea of getting out there during lunch. That'd be perfect for me and since it's getting dark so early, I don't really have time after work. (I'm terrified I'm going to be kidnapped because the trail by my house has no lights and lots of bushes for murderers to hide in!)

  4. Dinner Club sounds like so much fun! I love Apples to Apples, such a great game!