Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Normal: Routines & Tasks

Hi friends, Mrs. Rasmussen here!
A sweet picture my SIL took with her camera of our ring bearers and flowergirl

That is just never going to get old, at least anytime soon.

Yesterday was my first day back at work, and boy was it hard adjusting to the real world again! Luckily we both had Monday off to settle in, get some laundry/unpacking done, and to relax a little in our home, but we're still not completely done.

11 days into our marriage and I have never been happier. Our wedding was just what I wanted, so many of our amazing friends and family were there to celebrate with us and hopefully see Jesus throughout our ceremony and our relationship.

We're both working on finding that new normal now that we live together. Things that would change, or just be different when we combined our lives in every sense.

For instance:

Morning Routines: Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:00 AM to get ready for work and realized that I was going to wake Ronnie up once I sat down at my vanity in our room to get ready for work. I wondered if I should get ready elsewhere, or should Ronnie just wake up to spend time with me in the morning??

Bed Time: I require about as much sleep as a child. Last night, my girlfriends came over for a couple hours, and when they left at 8:30, I hopped straight in my bed. Ronnie came home around 9 and I was fast asleep, but Ronnie is a night owl who doesn't sleep nearly as much as I do. Sorry that I turned into a pumpkin by 9:00 PM Husband!

Devotional Time: I have to be honest and admit neither of us were great about spending time with God through his word during our honeymoon. Now that we are home, I realized we both probably need to find a new routine for this, time for us individually and together to spend time in prayer and the word.

Dividing up household tasks: Both of us work full-time, and sometimes Ronnie works 50 or more hours a week between his position at the Church and his part time position at Starbucks. Who is going to make dinner, who is going to vacuum, and WHEN is this going to get done? How often? One of us (me) might want the house tidy and neat every night when we go to sleep, and another of us might prefer to just spend that time together, and cleaning up the next day.

Its different, sharing a home with someone 24/7. Its a GREAT different, its still one of the best things to me about being married is that every day we go to sleep together, and every morning I wake up next to him.All of these things are things that I am loving getting to figure out with my best friend. I know we will have new things come up that we continue to learn about each other, and learn how to manage our home and prioritize our relationship in the midst of a crazy life. What a blessing to have Ronnie as my partner in all of it!


  1. You looked beautiful! Glad to hear everything is going well and I am sure you will find a new normal soon!

  2. You look gorg in your dress! I've been married almost a year (this sunday) and i know exactly what you mean. It's so fun trying to find the perfect balance of living together with your new husband and learning things you about him before! It's so fun and honesty it just gets better:) congrats.

  3. This just makes my heart burst for you. This is the BEST kind of experience. Feeling awkward and weird and trying to decide how things are done. It's hilarious and sweet and just some of the best memories I have! I know you guys will eventually fall into a great routine!

  4. you two are precious!!! so excited for you on this new journey together!
    love love that you are sharing everything so open and honest- its what keeps me coming back to your blog:)

  5. Can't wait to hear of how you settle into this newness! It's such a fun time of adjustment. Give yourself some grace, these things take a bit of time. :)

  6. Such a sweet post, Brittany. I can see how it would be an adjustment, but it seems like the best kind. :)

  7. What a lovely post and it's always so nice reading about how happy people are, particularly when married (I'm newly engaged). Love this post and your blog.

    Mel's Corner

  8. such a sweet photo! Love the wedding dress its stunning!

  9. Yay for newlywed adventures! We got married in July and are learning as we go. It's a sweet and fun time and definitely beats having to tell him goodbye! Keep choosing happy:)

  10. Congratulations ! You look beautiful !