Thursday, October 31, 2013

How Do I Do It All??

If you've been around here for awhile, follow me on Twitter/Instagram, or we've chatted via e-mail, you probably know something I struggle with is the question of "How do you do it all?" I have talked about it here on the blog, I've asked for wisdom from friends, and other working bloggers, I've prayed and whined and cried about it.

I struggle with this. I work full-time in a career I feel blessed to be a part of, but working 40 hours is hard enough on its own as a single gal. When you throw in grad school, being a wife, serving in youth ministry, and trying to maintain relationships with friends and family, I find myself feeling like a failure in one or all of these areas almost all the time.

It wasn't until yesterday that I finally listened to what God has been trying to tell me for some time. I CAN'T do it all. Not by myself. I can't work all day, come home and fix dinner for my husband and keep the house in immaculate condition, plus have energy for school work and quality time with my husband. On my own strength, this is all impossible.

But this is what grace is for. If I could do all this own my own, if I could work 40 hours, serve in ministry, manage my home well, feed my husband healthy meals, and invest in relationships with friends and students, I wouldn't need Christ. I could do all this, and take the glory for it because I did it myself with my own strength.

But as  a wife, a student, a friend, an employee, then God is calling me to do these things in this season of my life well. We are to work with our whole heart at whatever we do. If this is God's will for my life, then God will give me the strength to do these things. Whatever I do that is good, I should do so that the watching world sees Jesus. Its not so I can boast about my accomplishments, my hard work, my detirmination, my success but so I can point people back to Christ, who gives me strength and grace to do these things.

When I try to do these things on my own, I fail. I fail miserably at keeping the house clean, I am too tired to cook a decent meal, I am unproductive and procrastinate at work and in school work. But when I recognize how much I need Jesus, and rely on the strength he freely gives, I am able to life up His name as I live out his will for my life.

This doesn't mean that if I say a prayer, I will suddenly have the desire to mop my floors, cook a four-course meal, write a paper and and go on a date in one night with my husband all after working all day. What it does mean is if I rely on Jesus, minute by minute, he gives me rest, energy, strength, and wisdom. I learn what it looks like to priortize, to plan ahead, to take rest when my to-do list is too long, to be efficient and wise with my time. If I lean in to Him, when I am worn out, He gives me strength to keep going.

You see, I can't do it all. I can't. In the places I am weak, I can rest easy that God says that his STRENGTH is made perfect in weakness. When we do things that we couldn't have done on our own, we get to give God the glory! Its okay that I can't do it all. I am thankful I can't, I am thankful that I can recognize my need for Jesus moment by moment. Jesus meant it when He said "It is finished." He died on the cross to give us life, so we don't have strive in vain to earn His love. He demonstrated it on the cross, and we can have peace, joy and hope because of this.

Whatever God has called you to, He will give you the strength to do it. I don't have to wonder how I will ever do it all, because I know now that I can't. I can't do it alone, but I can rest knowing that whatever good works God has started in me, He will complete them. He's given me the power to complete the things that I myself cannot. I can't do it, but Jesus who lives in me, can.

"But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me." 2 Corinthians 12:9


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  1. AMEN friend! You are so absolutely right, I have such a bad habit of falling back on God when I'm desperate, instead of following Him and relying on Him every step of the way!

  2. Love your heart, friend! The limbo of marriage becomes a bit easier over time.. you'll figure out what works for y'all and it will be wonderful. You're the best! XO

  3. I loved this post! It's such a good reminder for the times we're all so easily overwhelmed with life.