Monday, October 28, 2013

10 Reasons I Admire My Groom

Its Monday, and I for one am not going to get stuck in the Poor-Me-Its-Monday Trap over here. Lets decide to LOVE this day, and hopefully it will love us back! I am looking forward to this week: I am hoping to have the first room of our home tour on the blog and am saying a little prayer we get our wedding pictures back!

This past week I was reminded by what a wonderful man I married. What a gift from God he is in my life, he loves me and serves me SO well. So, today, I bring you: 10 Reasons I Admire My Groom.

1. He is a servant-hearted leader. From the first day we met, Ronnie has looked for ways to serve me consistently and cheerfully.
2. He has the most generous heart. He lights up when he gets to give to others. He looks for ways to be generous and bless others. He is so caring and enjoys blessing people whenever we can.
3. He never fails to make me laugh. Even when I am frustrated, or upset, Ronnie can always, always make me laugh. He is quick witted and light hearted and a joy to be around.
4. He is such a gifted and talented musician. One of my favorite things about living together is hearing him sing and play music on his guitar. He uses his gifts to serve and glorify the Lord, and I feel such a rush of pride when he is onstage, playing music for Jesus at church on Sunday mornings.
5. He is the steady & strong that my anxious heart needs. Ronnie never wavers in his faithfulness to the Lord or to me. When I am stuck in my worry or fear, He is the steady, unwavering rock reminding me of the God who loves me deeply.
6. He is loyal and dependable.  He is a man who keeps his word, and never gives up on those he cares for. He is consistent and someone you can count on.
7. He loves Jesus and is obedient to God's voice. Ronnie's trust in the Lord encourages me to trust Him too, even when I do not see what God is doing. When God calls Ronnie to something, Ronnie follows, completely surrendered to the Lord. 
8. He supports me in work, school, ministry and even blogging. I am lucky to have a career I love, and am working towards my masters degree in my field and Ronnie is my biggest fan. He helps me around the house, with meals, and encourages me to take time to study as well as to rest. He encourages me when I am tired, or ready to give up on grad school. He also is always game for whatever crazy idea I have for my blog, even if it means him snapping one million pictures of me or cleaning one room REALLY well for our home tour.
9. He loves people so well. I don't consider myself a people person, so seeing Ronnie love others so well, so selflessly and invest time in the lives of other is such a blessing to me. He teaches me without saying a word how to love others well.
10. He never fails to extend grace to me even when I don't deserve it. Countless times I have been cranky, impatient, or selfish and Ronnie is so quick to forgive and offer me grace. He never holds a grudge, or brings up past offenses. His love, gentleness and grace brings me to the foot of the cross and reminds me how much I need Jesus.

I would also like to introduce you all to one of my lovely friends who is hanging out on my sidebar this month! I'm super blessed by the ladies I've come to know through blogging and Megan is one of them. She's such a doll, make sure to go say hello at Life of A College Girl!

Hello lovely readers of Happy Is A Choice! I am so honored and excited to be on the sidebar for this month. I'm Megan and I blog over at Life of a College Girl! I'm a twenty something college student blogging about my faith, life, and everything else in between. You'll also read about my fun loving family and my sweet boyfriend! I live such a blessed life and give God all the glory. Without Him, I wouldn't be where I am in life today. So if you're bored, nosy, or want a new bloggy friend, head over to my blog! Stop and say hi, I love new friends!


  1. This post deserves a big, fluffy pink heart! I absolutely love this! Beautifully written, Brittany!

  2. This post made my heart smile! Love the love you two have :)