Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Vows

We're 17 days away from our wedding and time is definitely starting to fly by!!

Last night we met with the pastor that is marrying us along with his wife. They have been doing our marriage counseling and he is going to perform our ceremony. Its really special to us to have the pastor we serve under in Youth Ministry marry us because we have relationships with both him and his wife. I love that he knows us both and has been a part of our relationship from day one.

Last night we talked about wedding vows. Ronnie and I are each writing our own vows and are not sharing them until the wedding day. Its important to me that our entire day is very personal, and very much US. I want our ceremony and reception to scream "Brittany and Ronnie!" That is one reason I am very excited to write our own vows. Our pastor talked about the importance of these vows. How they are not just words we say to each other on our wedding day and then forget them, but they are promises we are making to each other for life. Promises that we should revisit frequently, and never forget the love and lofty promises we made on the happiest day of our life.

I have been trying to get a head start on writing mine, and think I finally have a draft written. These are the most important part of our wedding to me. These words carry so much weight, so much hope and promise for our future. When I tell Ronnie I promise to submit to him as the leader of our home and family and then turn around and try to get my way by controlling a situation, I will be able to look back and reflect on the promise I made to him and be challenged to fulfill this promise. When I tell Ronnie I trust him, will follow him and always respect him, I want those words to weigh heavy in my heart and mind and follow through for the rest of my life.

Speaking of our vows, and the importance of them, I really want to display them someway in our home. I have been scouring Pinterest for how I might want to do so. I especially love this design and think I might look into something like this after the wedding, maybe for the master bedroom!


  1. When I get married, it is a must for me to write my own vows. It's something I've always wanted and very personal which I love. I love the idea of displaying them as well and LOVE that picture you found! I think it would be perfect!

  2. How precious and meaningful those words will be! And I love how you want to display them. Enjoy the last few days before being a Mrs!

  3. I have been playing around with if I want to write vows or not. I kinda feel like my boyfriend (hopefully husband in the future!) won't want to just because he doesn't like to be the center of if a wedding wasn't all about us or something. ;) But when I watch wedding videos of people sharing their vows with each other on their wedding day I can't help but get teary-eyed and want the same! I love the way you want to display them, too!

  4. I'm still brainstorming ways to display in our home.. eek! Maybe I'll get some ideas from you, friend!

  5. I love wedding vows displayed in homes! I have that same photos of the canvases on my Wedding board. I haven't given a lot of thought to vows (I won't be planning my own wedding anytime in the near future) but regardless of if we use word-for-word traditional vows, create our own or a combination of the two I definitely want to display them!