Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meet Ollie

Happy Thursday Friends! Its almost Friday, and thats real exciting.

This week I have been babysitting two girls I have been taking care of for 12 years. They are old enough they don't need a "babysitter" now, but their parents were out of town so I stayed with them until this morning, helped with homework and fed them a few meals :)

I am excited to go back home to my home tonight though, I've missed it, and I've also missed my little furbaby. Thats right, did you know we got a kitten? I don't know how Ronnie talked me into it, but we are cat owners. And I don't even really like cats, but I do like Ollie.

Meet Oliver, aka Ollie. He is wild and crazy and rarely stops moving. But when he does, he's adorable.



  1. Oh my goodness Ollie is SO cute!!! I want a little kitten so bad, but I am allergic :( I played with the most adorable one this weekend and wanted to take it home with me so bad! But, I was already wheezing :(

    Hope you enjoy sleeping at home tonight!

  2. Ahhh give me that precious baby!!! He is so adorable, I can't even handle it!!

  3. Aahh Britt, Ollie is far too precious! Such a sweet name as well :) Hope your Friday is wonderful xx

  4. SO CUTE! Pretty sure we are getting on in the next week or so too!