Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Case You're Wondering...

What I am up to...

A couple weeks ago, my lovely, sweet friend dog Jak got tired of being in his crate
So he broke out of it, and proceeded to wreak some havoc on our floor.

After contemplating our options, we decided to replace our entire floor downstairs.
I've always hated that linoleum, and the carpet in our living room needed replaced
so being the craziest bride-to-be EVER, I talked Ronnie and our friend from church into redoing our floors.

Approximately one week before family arrives for the wedding!
We're putting down laminate wood flooring, which is going to be beautiful when done,
but the work that is required is not easy or quick!
And because we didn't have enough on our plate, Ronnie decided to put in a rock in ground firepit
to enjoy with our family and friends when they're in town next week.

So our lovely home is currently in a state of renovation and as stressed out as it makes me,
especially when I don't have the perfectly cleaned and organized home as I'd prefer,
my mind has been once again blown by the way God uses things that sometimes seem "unimportant" to Him to show us how He loves us.

Our church family has gone completely out of their way to offer to help us in anyway they can.
Last night our friends Colby and Molly came over and ripped up the carpet, pulled tacks and nails, and the guys put down the subfloor.

Today, while I was working, Ronnie's friends Patrick and Tyler came over to help him finish the fire-pit, and pull weeds.

Thursday night, our friends Jay and Kelsi are coming over while Ronnie and Colby do the floor. Jay is going to cook us dinner, and Kelsi is going to help me organize the guest bedrooms so they're ready for company.

There are no words for the gratefulness in my heart at this time. Grateful for our church family, for the selfless people who sacrifice so much to help. Grateful for my hardworking fianc√©, who is working 40 hours at one job and another 25 at the church, who then comes home and works hard around the house. (that he doesn't even live in yet!!) Grateful for a God who always goes before us, who never leaves us alone, who takes the darkest moments and brings beauty from them. 


  1. So sorry that had to happen to you right before the wedding, but it's going to be SO beautiful when it's done! I'm happy you guys can squeeze in some time and are surrounded by awesome friends that are willing to help you out! It will all get done... ahhhh! See? It'll be a beautiful weekend! :)

  2. It's going to look so good when it's done, but I bet that is stressful. I appreciate your outlook on it, though! Hopefully everything will go smoothly.