Thursday, September 19, 2013

Checking Things Off The List!

This week, I've been feeling such a sense of peace and calmness, unlike many of the weeks prior. We have all the big stuff done for our wedding: venue, dress, shoes, food, etc. I started the week a little overwhelmed by what was still left on the list though. All those little things that as you get down to the last few days before a wedding, you add to it as much as you cross things off. But I made the decision this week that I would just check off as many things as I could in a day, and rest easy knowing we'd still get married October 5th, whether or not I bought those little tea-light candles for the guest tables.

Yesterday after work, Ronnie met me at Starbucks and we got coffee (Pumpkin Spice Latte for me!) and set out to check a few things off our list.

We accomplished:
1. Getting our marriage license!
2. Picking up my ring. I had to have it resized anyway, so we just had it soldered together with my wedding band. I feel kind of like a fraud wearing my wedding band with two weeks before I'm officially married, but I just couldn't bear to wear that other fake ring one more day. I just love mine too much!

3. Eating too many carbs at Olive Garden (Not on my list, but how do you say no to breadsticks with alfredo dipping sauce? You don't)
4. We ordered Ronnie's wedding ring online (Amazon, because we're classy)
5. And then me, Ronnie, our cat and dog parked ourselves in my favorite room of the house, the Bonus Room and I worked on a wedding craft for a couple of hours while Ronnie searched online for groomsmen gifts. It was serious bliss, right until the point I was frustrated when the twine kept slipping off the wine bottle! HA!

Always so helpful...
My craft in progress.

So theres that! Also, please stop by my friend Annie's blog! I am very honoroed to be sharing a little bit about what has been going on in my heart as I prepare for marriage on her blog!

Finally, are you following me on Instagram? If not, that's where I post the most exciting things about my life regularly. Like that fact that my cat has fake nails.


  1. Gorgeous ring and I love that you love the Olive Garden, too!! xoxo

  2. Love love your rings! Also, I love that you ordered it off Amazon. Who cares anyways??

    Yummm now I am craving olive garden. Thanks ;)
    Wish I could come over and craft with you! Looks gorgeous!

  3. Praying for you these last couple of weeks, sweet friend! So stinkin' exciting!!! You're going to be such a beautiful bride!! :)

  4. Just a little encouragement.... I also got my rings soldered together before the wedding, but I promised myself I wouldn't wear it! It was a really tough couple of weeks before the wedding, but I can't tell you how excited I was when he slipped that ring on during the ceremony!! It was SO special!! So... if you think that you can bear it, I promise it is definitely worth the wait. :) But if not... more power to you for wearing both rings, girl! WHO CARES! ;) You're almost there!! Praying for you!

  5. I'm so happy for you over the fact that you're feeling more at peace with all the wedding craziness that's going on around you :) Your crafts look amazing and they make me super impatient - I can't wait to see the beautiful love story that your wedding photos are going to tell us! xxx

  6. looks like you're doing great! this is such an exciting time, good luck!

  7. I came over to your blog from Annie's--you're in such an exciting season of life! Your rings are beautiful--three years in I've never soldered mine together...first it was procrastination and now I think I like the flexibility of not always wearing my when traveling, etc. And good thing you have that license! Can't get anything done without that! :)

  8. I read your post on Annie's blog, and I am IN LOVE with it. I'm not exactly in your same situation, but I'm finding myself experiencing some of the same emotions in my very serious dating relationship. The anticipation coupled with the fear of not being good enough and the lies Satan tells me. So... Thank you. So much.