Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Lovelies

Today is Thursday, which is great because its almost Friday. If you're reading this, I am sitting in a 7.5 hour Customer Service that is not only ALL DAY today, but also all day tomorrow. If you don't feel bad for me, you should. I feel bad for me.

Although, a lot of things have made me happy this week, so lets talk about those.

1. Ronnie and I went on real life date Monday to one of our favorite restaurants on the Boise River, Bardenay. I had a margarita, he had a beer, we shared a Hummus Plate appetizer, and neither of us had our phones. Perfection. Just what I needed.

2. I got these little gems in the mail on Wednesday. Seriously, the only good thing best thing about planning a wedding is all the MAIL you get. I get so many packages, sometimes Ronnie text messages me when I am still at work asking what could possibly be in the packages and my answer is "I don't know!" I can't remember, so many things coming in the mail, its just wonderful.

3. Also on Wednesday I got to meet up with two of my bridesmaids/best friends for dinner and it was just a treat. I am blessed to have the  friends that I do, three of my best friends don't live in Idaho anymore, but luckily, I also have some AMAZING friends here. Stacey and Karissa get me like few people do so it was real nice to just sit down and talk about life. When I was driving home, it blew my mind that we are grownups now. In our twenties, with real jobs, and husbands/almost husbands and homes. Woah! The days are long, but the years are short, my friends.

4. Ronnie brought me home these pretties on Sunday night. I love flowers, especially Sunflowers and these  just brighten my day every time I see them. (Not that I've spent much time in the kitchen this week)

5. I've been running consistently the past two weeks-I've found the right time for me to run and its lunchtime. Theres a beautiful trail not far from my office, and its been so good for me to get out and MOVE during the day. I feel significantly less anxious, worried, stressed and irritable when I am running consistently.

6. Also this cutie came to live with me last weekend. He is Ronnie's dog, and although I think dogs are a lot of work and was apprehensive about him living with me before Ronnie moves in after the wedding, Jak is REALLY good and easy. He just follows me around the house, naps, and plays fetch whenever I give him the time of day. He doesn't chew on my shoes or pee in the house, so I guess we can keep him ;)

Tomorrow you will get to meet my last but not least Bridesmaid Sarah! She lives in Iowa, and I just got attended HER wedding this summer there, and its so special to me that she is now coming out here! This weekend I have big plans of trying to finish our master bedroom up so I can at least start our "home tour" but no promises. :-p I have three days off, but Ronnie only has one and his help is vital to many of my plans.


  1. Absolutely love those tanks! I love getting mail and it must make your day all the time!

    I think phone-less dates are the best. No distractions, just time with your significant other. I so agree on the perfection!

    I go to the gym on my lunch break and I love it as well!!

  2. You've got a lot to be smiling for, pretty lady :) I hope you enjoy your 3 days off and I can't wait to meet the last of your bridesmaids xx

  3. Are you and Ronnie living together?

    1. No Cara, we aren't. We bought a house, but he doesnt live in it yet, just me. He is moving in when we get married. :)

  4. I love those bride tanks. Such a cute idea.

    Have a beautiful weekend, lady!