Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet the Maids: Stacey

Hi friends! Meet the Maids series is back today with my beautiful friend Stacey! I timed this little series hiatus perfectly, because it is Stacey's own wedding week this week!!! She gets married in TWO DAYS and I am honored to get to stand up next to her in her wedding!
Not only were Stacey and I both brides to be's together, we also both started new jobs and moved homes. We are both working on making our houses a home before we get married, and just have a significant amount of change happening in a short period. Its nice to have such a good friend who is experiencing so many of the same life events at the same time I am. We definitely get each other right now, and I am super thankful that God brought her into my life shortly after He brought Ronnie into my life!
So meet Stacey "almost" King!

How did you meet the bride? I actually met the bride through the groom - so really, we just have Ronnie to thank for being the start of a best-friendship. I worked with Ronnie at Starbucks for awhile, and I hit it off with his future Mrs.

What is your favorite memory with her?  My favorite memory with Brittany is probably the night when we had our weekly "book club" (fondue and wine), and I was throwing fits because I wasn't engaged yet. We started thinking about venues, and at 8pm with too many glasses of wine in us, we all hopped into my car and sped out to the vineyards in Marsing to look at them before the sun went down. That's when you know you have good friends!

What are you most looking forward to while planning and being in her wedding?  I am most looking forward to the unlimited supply of wine that will inevitably flow due to our stress levels.

Have you witnessed any “bridezilla” moments from the Bride yet? Yes, I have witnessed Bridezilla moments, but most of them happened before the ring was on her finger. I'm sworn to secrecy - sorry! Just heed this advice: Whatever the bride wants, the bride gets

Tell her readers one piece of marriage or relationship advice: An old couple that frequents my Starbucks told me this advice: "People say love is 50%-50%. That's not true. Love is 100%-100%, or it will never work."

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