Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Saying Goodbye

One of my least favorite things is saying goodbye to people I care about. Although they are a part of life as God calls each of us to different places and sometimes, just has us somewhere for a short season, they make me sad.

Today, I am writing with equal parts joy and equal parts saddness.
You see, I am saying goodbye to one of my dearest friends, Steph this month.

I only met Steph a couple years ago at church, and even before we were good friends, she reached out to me and encouraged me, offered to pray for me, and shared some wisdom with me. When Ronnie and I started dating, Steph and I grew close, and she quickly became a dear friend. Her heart is beautiful, I've never met someone who loves and trusts the Lord so faithfully and obediently.  She is married to one of Ronnie's best friends, who is the worship pastor at our church, and Steph has taught me so much about what it means to be in a godly relationship, how to honor God through engagement, and a perfect example of a Godly wife to me.

Steph is the friend I  know I can count on for good, biblical wisdom in any situation.  I am blessed with so many godly women I call friends, and Steph is one of those friends that even if we are separated by many miles, our friendship will remain strong.

Steph's husband Jordan was recently offered an amazing opportunity at Elevation Church where
he will be working with the worship leaders there with the intent to hire him after his internship is done.
This has been a dream of Jordan's for years, and God has blessed the Shaft family with this amazing opportunity and we could not be happier for them.

You can read more about their story and journey to Elevation on Steph's blog. They have one adorable and charming one year old daughter, and are expecting their second little girl ANY DAY now, so if you do the math, they will be making a trip from Idaho to North Carolina with a one year old and a newborn. I have been praying for them daily, and am so excited for this new chapter in their life.

I pray that their time their is blessed, that they have a safe and easy travel, and that they are welcomed into the Elevation community with open arms to give them both support, friendship and community.

Steph, I will miss you more than I can put into words but I am so encouraged by you and Jordan's obedience to God's calling on your lives. You two have and always will be such an important part of mine and Ronnie's life, and we are thankful for the season that God had you here in Boise.


  1. How lucky you were to have such a wonderful friend! That is so funny they are going to Elevation church... when I start school in Charlotte this fall Elevation is definitely a church I want to visit! You and Ronnie should come to NC to visit them sometime... I'd love to meet you in person! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. This is so sweet! I wish them the best!

  3. Saying good-bye to best friends and people you are close to is the worst. Good thing there are so many ways to communicate nowadays!

    I love your little blog and nominated you for The Liebster! Come check it out at my blog. Congrats pretty lady!

    Words as Palindromes

  4. Saying goodbye is never easy. I have been in a similar position where some of my best Christian girlfriends have moved away and it was difficult not to have that support system so near anymore, but I found that my relationship with them has grown so much stronger since they moved away - you cherish the times that you do have together even more. Stay strong, pretty girl!

  5. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
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    XO Lauren