Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet the Maids: Karissa

Hi friends! For the next four weeks I want to introduce you to my wonderful Bridesmaids!! Today I am so excited to have you meet my Maid of Honor, Karissa! This girl is seriously a blessing in my life. I haven't known her my whole life, but our friendship is something special. I know God crossed our paths at work for once specific purpose: so we could become besties. :)God brought her to Simplot during a really dark, scary part of life for me and she brought light, joy and hope into that season of life and we've been insepearable since!

How did you meet the bride? Brittany and I met while working together at Simplot. She was my trainer, and the only other cool/great/pretty/funny person that I worked with so we were bound to become best friends.

What is your favorite memory with her? Brittany and I been have running together. While that isn’t actually fun, she is a huge source of encouragement for me. We just ran a 5k together and are now running at 10k on Saturday. There are MANY times I want to stop, lay on the grass, and cry and Brittany will have none of that. I would not be able to do it without her! We also are basically neighbors which makes running together a lot easier.

What are you most looking forward to while planning and being in her wedding? Her bridal shower. I’m pretty much in charge so I’m excited to host a fun little party for her! I’m also really excited to see her in her beautiful wedding dress.

Karissa in HER stunning dress!
Have you witnessed any “bridezilla” moments from the Bride yet? B can be a little spicy. I get a few texts in all capital letters with some mad cat emojis on occasions when things aren’t quite perfect, but nothing bridezilla worthy…..yet.

Tell her readers one piece of marriage or relationship advice: Talk positively about your spouse! Of course things are going to tick you off and occasionally you need to vent to your girlfriends, but you need to hold your spouse in a positive light to other people. How can you expect the people around you to love, honor and respect your marriage if you don’t have anything good to say about it? Krieg does so much for me and I really try to focus on talking him up, not down, to other people. There are SO many positives in marriage and I think keeping that the focus in your mind and in your conversations is really important.

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I LOVE her advice. Isn't that so true though? I never have heard her talk badly about her husband, and I really admire her for it! I definitely want to hold myself to that same standard of always speaking encouraging and positive words to and about Ronnie.

Karissa blogs over at The Start of the Shaws and she is hillarious, stylish, crafty and adorable. I love her a lot, and you will too.


  1. This is such a cute idea for a series of posts! Can't wait to here about your other bridesmaids!


  2. What a really cute idea! Love this!

    And also, I think that's really great advice! We can often turn to our friends to vent and forget to share the good stuff... which means they build a picture of this person in their mind that is not accurate... it's important to be honest -- and that means sharing all the wonderful things, too! :)