Thursday, June 13, 2013

In His Timing

I am all the way in Iowa, not to be mistaken for my hometown of Idaho! One of my best friends is getting married, so we are getting ready for the big day. My friend Cassie from Sage is going to share about something that I personally struggled with while I was waiting on that ring! I know my struggle isn't over just because I am engaged. Her words are wise, and her passion for Jesus is evident! 

If you’re anything like me, you want to control every detail of every situation. If you’re not like me, I applaud you. Wanting to control every detail makes it incredibly difficult to trust God, namely God’s timing. Before I got engaged this last Sunday, I was having a really hard time trusting that the Lord’s time would be the best time, and that He would come through with whatever was best for me. I was waiting for what felt like forever.
Now that I am engaged, although I realize I was not always trusting, I am grateful for the times that I was. Knowing that I was trusting in the Lord’s timing brought me comfort in knowing that because I had waited, this was exactly how He had planned it. It made me confident that getting engaged now was the right timing, and reaffirmed that we did not rush into anything.
For the last few months I have been anxiously awaiting an engagement. Although I was excited, I knew it was important to treasure my time as a single gal . I tried my best to really treasure this time and really give my all to the Lord, because I knew once I got engaged and eventually married, things would be very different.
The best suggestion I can offer for those ladies in waiting is to just TRUST Him. I know that is easier said than done, so pray constantly. Read books like “Lady in Waiting” and “Things I Wish I Had Known before I Got Married.” Prepare yourself as much as possible, while still giving your all to Jesus. Spend time with your friends and family, and just enjoy the time you have as a single lady. Waiting is a PRIVILEGE not a punishment. God knows when the right timing is for you. He knows that He wants you to be prepared to be the best possible person you can be before you give your life to someone else. So focus on YOU and overall, always keep your eyes focused on Him.
Now that I am engaged, I still want to wait on the Lord’s plan. I want to trust that whenever we choose to have our wedding will be according to His will, and I want to trust that although I might get anxious while waiting to walk down the aisle and marry the man I love, God has given me this time to prepare to be the best wife I possibly can. I hope that all of you ladies in waiting, whether it is for the perfect man to come along, that ideal job, or something else, will put your trust in the One that knows and loves you best.

Thanks for sharing, lovely lady. So true. So happy to be engaged with you :)

Tomorrow, another sweet, wise, and beautiful friend of mine will be sharing a little about what she's learned in her time as a married lady! I love hearing from her, and I know you will too!


  1. GAH, I didn't get emotional about this until I read your comments added it! WAHHHHH. I ADORE you and I cannot wait to share this season with each other!

  2. Waiting is not punishment. AMEN AND AMEN. Oh, I wish I could sit down and chat with both of you ladies as we squeal over your engagement stories. The Lord has taught me so much. HE IS GOOD. Love seeing the two of you learning through this new experience. :)

  3. This post is just what I needed today. I feel like lately all I do is think about or talk about getting engaged. I find myself even starting fights with my boyfriend about when and how he should propose to me. I'm going to try and take a step back and enjoy this time while I can. I'm going to check out those books too! I'm currently reading "Your Heart's Desire" by Sheri Rose Shepherd you should check it out!