Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Friends, I have to confess something. I realize it isn't Confessional Friday, but it just can't wait.

I am so busy I don't even know which way is left and right.
My apartment is a wreck.
I haven't sat down with my bible and journal in over a week.
I am in my 8th week of one class for my masters, and my 1st week in another.
Whoever arranged that, having us do the last week of one course and 1st of another is just cruel.
I haven't worked out in weeks, and Karissa and Ronnie and I are running a 5k Saturday.
I've been eating terribly. I'm talking fast food and pizza terrible.
I can't focus on anything at work, all I can do is think about the phone calls and appointments I need to set up.

We are in the full swing of wedding planning, we hired our Photographer yesterday.
We also have our cake, venue, and flower girl/ring bearers outfits ordered and arranged.
OH and I have a dress!

On top of wedding planning, we just bought a house, and we close on it Friday.
I will be moving into it and living there until our wedding, and then Ronnie will move in.

I feel like my life is just a little out of control right now.
Wedding planning doesn't give me an excuse to put the rest of my life on hold.
Wedding planning doesn't come before spending time in prayer and in the word,
it isn't more important then finding time to exercize and cook healthy meals.

I am so excited, I want my day to be perfect, I want it fun and relaxing and most importantly,
I want to celebrate the reason we love. I want to celebrate the Gospel and show our friends
and family that Jesus has been the foundation for our relationship, and will be the center of our marriage.

But right now, I need to take a deep breath, and realize those invitations can wait.
I need to be present at work, I need to be present and involved with my students at Renewal,
I need to give Ronnie and our friends a break from wedding talk every once in awhile.

We are so blessed, and this season of engagement is going to fly by.
I want to remember it as a time where I am growing closer to the Lord, closer to Ronnie, and not
worried about wordly things. Instead of planning every detail of our day,
I want to be preparing for our marriage.


  1. Aw, exciting times for you girl!!!! :)

  2. Everything is going to turn out just perfectly.

    Remember, God doesn't put you through anything He knows you would not be able to handle.

    You are gonna get it all done, with HIS help of course. But nonetheless, it will all work out.

    Just remind yourself that the wedding is a one day party. Focus on what you can now. ;)

  3. love love love this post and sounds like you are exactly on the right track. love your blog already.
    Helene in Between

  4. hang in there, girl! God is blessing this time in your life! Be strong!

  5. Yes yes yes!! You can miss so much if you just let "wedding planning" consume you. There were days that I couldn't even think about anything else... but there is so much blessing when you just let go and allow God to work through you during this time! You've got such a short engagement and so much to soak in. Slow down and enjoy it, friend. :)

  6. SERIOUSLY. I am wayyyyy too busy.