Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Life Update

What the-its already THURSDAY? Hooray for that good news. I started writing this post yesterday, but got so busy at work that I had to stop blogging  and actually, work.

This weeks news:

  • We got keys for our house Friday, and it officially closed and funded Monday. All weekend I moved small stuff in and packed, but Tuesday the movers came and when I got home from work, all my furniture was moved in and I've started the process of unpacking!

  • Last night was a typcial Wednesday night, Ronnie and I both serve in our youth ministry. Three of my 12th grade girls accepted Christ last Wednesday, so we celebrated that, plus one of the girls I co-lead got married two weeks and it was her first night back. We were so glad to see her!

  • Tonight we pick up our washer and dryer, and then are having dinner with a sweet couple from church. They have a young baby that I can't wait to hold :) We're going to BBQ and hopefully enjoy the warm summer weather and good company!

  • Tomorrow Ronnie and I are going to start the search for his wedding attire and his groomsmen. We still are struggling agreeing on this, so that'll be a real treat ;) We're also hoping to get registered tomorrow as well.

  • Saturday we're going to head down to the farmers market in downtown Boise in the morning, and then I have an appointment with a florist at noon. Hopefully after that appointment we can spend time at our new house, so much to be done. Unpack, yard work, etc!

I'm really looking forward to a day to just breathe, to feel rested, to not feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I am not sure if that day is in my near future or not! I'm hoping to give you guys some more wedding details soon, some pictures via pinterest so you can get the overall feel and theme we're going for. Its been fun, but a total whirlwind since we got engaged!


  1. SO EXCITING, you are a busy woman!

  2. So happy for your girls! God is great!

  3. your blog is beautiful, i am so thrilled to have found you! God bless