Friday, May 3, 2013


Day Three: Something that makes me uncomfortable.

There are two things in my life that make me very uncomfortable, but are things that I want to continue to pursue to get better at.

1. Confrontation-I am much more of a "peace keeper" than a "peace maker". I know that communication is so important in relationships with friends, family, and my boyfriend, but I get so nervous about confronting people, even in a loving way. I often let things go and never address them, but that isn't always healthy because it can create bitterness in my heart as time goes by. It is something I want to be better about, but it definitely makes me super uncomfortable!

2. Not having a plan- This is a nice way to disguise my sin of being a control freak. But I thrive when my life is planned out, when I know whats coming next, and when. I like to be prepared, mentally, emotionally, and physically. God has been trying to show me that I don't need to plan out every detail of my life, because He is in control. HE has a wonderful plan for my life, more in store for me than I could ever plan out myself.

Other things that make me uncomfortable:

-socks on in bed
-people chewing with their mouths open
-my nail polish chipping
-the feeling of my legs being unshaven
-people standing too close to me


  1. I can so relate to many of these haha.... not having a plan is my biggest problem, it doesn't make me uncomfortable, but it has been known to make me slightly nutty haha

  2. So with you on the unshaven legs- haha! I shave year round. Even if no one is seeing my legs I like it when they feel soft!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. I struggle soo much with not having a plan too! Story of my life haha. God has been teaching me that truth lately too, that its okay not to have a plan. Love your blog lady! hope you have a beautiful day :)