Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tips for Beginner Runners

I have ran twice this week, two days in a row! Can we all just celebrate that for a minute? I ran two miles both Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday my friend Karissa joined me and my run was so much more enjoyable. I love running wtih friends, chatting about life, and motivating each other to keep going. We are running the Color Me Ran 5k on June 22, so we have 30 days to be 5k ready!

Seriously, I can't tell you enough how excited I am to finally be feeling well enough to run again, to be able to run two days in a row, to be running consistently again. Running has been what I do for the past few years. When I first got sick and had to give up running, I honestly felt like I lost a little piece of me. Running again, albeit it slow and less miles is just such a blessing in my life!

I wanted to share some tips for beginner runners. Heres a little beginners guide to running. I am no expert, but I have learned some things. I've ran three half marathons, a handful of 5ks and 10ks, and in 2011 even ran 100 miles a month for all 12 months! Right now though I am slowly easing back into running, and having to follow my own guide to running for beginners ;)

Fit For Life Half Marathon July 2012

1. Invest in a good pair of running shoes. Your shoes are important. I recommend going to a running store and getting fitted for a pair because typically, you go up a half size at least in running shoes. I spent the first year of my running life in shoes too small, and I lost toenails all the time. Real attractive. Go spend the extra money on a GOOD pair of shoes. Your feet will thank you, but so will your legs, hips, back, etc.

Christmas 10k in December 2011 with my sweet, missed friend Adriana

2. Pick a beginning running plan-and stick to it. I used Couch to 5k when I started running. Let me get real here, in 2010 when I decided to start running, I couldn't even run one mile without walking. Don't let that discourage you. In 8 weeks I ran a 5k without a walk break, and a few months later, I ran a half marathon. There are so many plans out there. If you are a true beginner, I recommend Couch to 5k, but Runners World also has a similar 8 Week Running Plan.

After a run up table rock with my sweet dog Diesel. I miss him SO much.

3. Plan your workouts. Literally, schedule them in your planner, your iPhone, your desk calendar, etc. Print out your running plan, cross each workout off. There are days, like Wednesdays that aren't good for me to run. I work early, but have to be at youth group that evening, so I always run out of time, even when I have good intentions. IYou have to plan for sucess or else other things might creep in and before you know it, it is Friday and you've missed every workout. Most of the beginning workouts just have you running about 3 days a week, 20-25 minutes each session, so pick three days, and stick to those days!

4.Know that some runs are going to be better than others. A couple weeks ago, I had this amazing run where I just ran faster and farther than I had in months. I don't know if the stars were aligned just right, or if I was well rested or well hydrated, but I felt so great. Then three days later, I went out again, and barely made it through my run. I walked about 6 times instead of one. I struggled. I was frustrated. Sometimes you think that if you reach one distance one time, you should be able to do that forever and ever amen. Wrong. Some days are just not good days. Don't give up. Keep running, keep pushing yourself, and know that tomorrow will be better.
Fond memories of this race, we had such a big crowd of friends and family here to cheer us on

5. Stay hydrated. Seriously, water water water!!! You need water! It will help you SO much. Water is so important, and it makes all the difference in the world when you run. They have said that how much water you drink today will effect your run tomorrow. I know that one the afernoons that I am planning on running, I really try and up my water intake, and limit my coffee/soda that day. And especially in the hours before, I make sure I'm constantly sipping on water. I know when I've had enough water or not when I run. It makes a difference. Drink your water all the time, but especially when you have a run planned that day!

Diesel knows how important it is to stay hydrated

6. Pick the time of day that works for YOU. You guys, I've ALWAYS wanted to be a morning runner. I've had dreams of waking up early, getting a good run in, coming home and enjoying a hot shower and cup of coffee before starting my day but it almost never works out like that for me. On the off chance I can drag myself out of bed, I struggle through my morning runs. They just are hard for me, maybe I am not fully awake or maybe I haven't had enough food/caffeine but I'm pretty much hopeless in the mornings. I believe you can probably train your body to do anything-but I have much better runs in the afternoons or evenings. So thats when I run. You morning runners, I am jealous of you. Tell me your tricks. Until then, you'll find me running after work even if that means its 100 degrees out in the summer.

7.Set a Goal: I definitely recommend signing yourself up for a 5k race. If you've never ran a minute in your life, set that race 2-3 months out. If you are fairly active, but just starting to run, you can probably set it sooner. This is what keeps me running sometimes, knowing I have a race I paid for, a time to beat, a finish line to cross. Maybe its my pride, but I don't want to blow it at a race because I didn't train properly. Set a goal! Karrisa and I are running the Color Me Ran in June, and that is DEFINITELY keeping me motivated!

Just because I miss my old running buddy!!


  1. LOVE these tips!!

    Thank you for reminding me that every run is not going to be a great one. I definitely have noticed that and yes - WATER WATER WATER. :)

  2. I love this!!! I really want to start running, but I'm a total beginner and have no idea where to start so this is so helpful!!!! Thanks for hopefully making things easier for this newbie :)

  3. Good tips, I'd recommend those all as well. And paying for cute running clothes and getting a buddy that runs the same pace! You do better with cute clothes and a friend ;)

  4. that is so awesome you are getting into running, good for you! this post is inspiring me to get back into running shape! (not like I was ever there in my life...lets be real ;)) haha. but seriously, love this! so encouraging! you rock girl!

  5. This is great! I'm doing the color me rad race in june, and I haven't run in a very long time so I'm a bit nervous. Thanks for the tips!!

  6. Thank you for this post! This is really just the inspiration I need :)


  7. im so glad there's someone like me who can't run in the mornings - morning runners are my envy!! Late afternoon/nights is defo best for me :)

  8. Great tips!! I've always had a dream that I would one day be able to run a mile.. and by run, I mean jog. What can I say, I dream big! :) I spent most of my life being morbidly obese (I lost over 230lbs and am trying to lose my last 30-40lbs) and I honestly thought that I would die fat. Now that I am more functional, I want to set goals for myself that are now realistic. This post is very inspirational. Thanks :)