Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy List

Ten things that make me happy? Easy!

1. A good cup of coffee-especially shared with my man or a girfriend
2. Being in the SUN! I love laying out, hiking, running, playing tennis, picnics, walks, etc. I love being outside in the sun.
3. Fresh flowers-especially peonies and lillies
4. A clean house-especially when I don't have to clean it
5. The colors pink and mint together
6. Babies and puppies-who doesn't love babies and puppies?
7. Just because surprises
8. Reading a good book
9.Baked goods-baking them and eating them
10. Knowing I'm loved by Jesus.


  1. Pretty sure we have the same happy list hahaha

  2. Your list made me happy! Especially thinking about enjoying coffee & baked goods outside :)

  3. your list is precious- love all 10!

  4. I adore pink and mint together too! :)

    love your list.