Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few favorite posts

I haven't been blogging over here too long, but I do have a few favorite posts that I've shared in the last few months. I want this blog to be a real, authentic place that I can share little moments about my life, how I am chosing joy despite my circumstances, a place of gratitude and thankfulness, and a little space on the internet that glorifies Christ.

Here are some of my favies:

I shared why my boyfriend and I aren't kissing until our wedding day: I have a confession

I shared our story of how we tweeted Kip Moore like crazy people and ended up winning tickets and meet and greets to his concert: That Time I Blew Up Kip Moores Twitter Feed

For the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, I educated on one thing I know for sure: God Isn't Mad At You

I wrote a post for all you girls who love a man, but aren't quite married yet: How To Pray for Your Boyfriend

Thats all for today, lovelies!

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  1. Hi, Brittany! I just wanted to personally thank you for following my blog, I'm truly humbled that you'd want to stick around more. :) I've enjoyed perusing your blog and I know that I'll be back for more, too!

    I'm encouraged by your steadfast faith in the Lord, in the day to day and with your health. So glad to know other people out there who take a relationship with God so seriously.

    Have a lovely day!

    Kellie @ Nothing Less