Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why you need to be in a book club

I am really going to study for my accounting final...I promise.
But first, after threats from my dear friend Karissa about posting these pictures from the other night,
I decided I needed to take a minute to brag on my really awesome book club.
We are reading Beautiful Battlefields by Bo Stern.
Its a great book, really. Changed my life, and my view on trials in our lives, and how God makes those seasons beautiful in His time.

But, I am going to confess something. 
We haven't talked about our book in weeks. 
We have great intentions, but instead, we do other really fun things.
Sometimes, we have "themed book clubs".
One week, for instance was Mexico Night .
Katie wore a sombrero, I made margaritas and tacos,
and Stacey made guacamole. 
Other nights, we get pedicures and drink wine out of paper cups.
Sometimes, we go out to dinner and talk about life.

What started as book club has morphed into an absolutely
vital, cannot miss weekly event where I get to spend time with some of the best girlfriends ever,
and we laugh, talk, pray for each other, and spend time together.
Are you in a book club? Do you read the book?
Or is it an excuse to just spend time with some of your best friends?
When life gets crazy, its hard to find time to get everyone together regularly.
Thats why you need a book club!

 PS: Sometimes we try to make each other Pin-famous and take pictures of each other's cute outfits.
Sometimes, we realize we were never meant to be fashion bloggers, but we still dream big.


  1. That is such a great idea! :)

  2. I love your blog! Your outlook and how down-to-earth you are is enjoyable! I'm in a book (wine) club too :) We usually read the book but sometimes our convos about them are only a few minutes... then it's back to consuming wine! It really is a nice opportunity to see each other and just be together. Sometimes we go to each others houses to relax and other times we go out on the town to party! It always is a great time and helps me to unwind with girls!