Friday, April 5, 2013

That Time I Blew Up Kip Moore's Twitter Feed

Let me start off by saying that I don't know if I have ever won anything before!
I've never won a contest on the radio, I've never won a raffle drawing, I've never won a race.
I'm not one of those lucky people that win cool prizes!

But when my girlfriends and I found out Kip Moore's concert was sold out before we could buy tickets, there was only one logical solution.

Start blowing up his twitter feed every day a week before his concert until he pittied us enough and gave us tickets. So , blow up his twitter feed we did. He even tweeted me back one day and told us we should've been on the ball quicker and bought our tickets before they sold out, but on the day of the concert, he'd tweet a chance to win tickets.

We continued tweeting to him on a daily basis, and the day of the concert, here is what my twitter looked like:
And then, it happened. After two hours of keeping my eyes on twitter, and not doing one bit of work whatsoever, he tweeted "The first fans to tweet the second verse to backseat win tickets to tonights show"
I couldn't breathe, couldn't type, my heart started racing as I text my friend "Kip. NOW."
I looked up the song, but it was a brand new song, with no lyrics online.
So naturally, I found this shanty little youtube video a fan took at one of his concerts,
and played it as loud as it could go in my office about 20 times
until I could make out the lyrics.

After 4 hours of tortue, he announced the winners....
Me, one of my friends Stacey, and some other lucky girl.

Not only did we win tickets, but we also won these sweet little things...
Not only did we win FOUR TICKETS to this sold out concerts,
we get to MEET him?!!!

So me and three of my best friends got all dressed up for our boyfriend Kip,
and proceeded to the VIP entrance.
We parked ourselves up front next to the stage, and waited til 9:00 PM til we got to meet him.

This is about the time where Kip asked me my name, and I told him,
and he said "OH Brittany Cooper, the one who has been blowing up my twitter feed all week?"
YEP. He told me he loved the tweets, and also that he loved my dress.

So, that was the highlight of my 25 years on this earth.


  1. oh my gosh I love Kip Moore, he came to my school to perform & I died.. hes quite a babe!

    have a great weekend Brittany!

  2. That is hilarious! I mean, a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do!

  3. Stopping by from Monday Mingle! Congrats on getting to meet Kip Moore, I bet that was super exciting!!!! If you get a chance, stop by and check out the giveaway on my blog! Have a great day!

  4. Stopping by from Monday Mingle. I am insanely jealous you got to meet Kip Moore. I secretly pretend his newest single is just for me ;)