Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've had such a crazy week already, and its only Wednesday!!

Here's what I've been up to lately...
1. Coffee dates with this guy. Seriously, drinking coffee and talking about life with him is easily my favorite thing to do.

2. Winery Tours on a Saturday afternoon
Because whats better then touring a beautiful vineyard with your best friend and a free glass of wine?

3. Getting healthy...or trying. I've been tracking my food everyday, and have gone and worked out twice this week. I used to run daily, but when I got diagnosed with RA, I had to take a break and I am finally feeling well enough again to start working out, and hopefully run. I am physically able to workout now, but mentally, coming back from a LONG break is hard.

Oops, excuse my language ;)
4. Helping my friend Stacey plan her wedding. We picked up these bridesmaid dresses at Dillards for $45! A steal, I say! I can't wait to stand next to her as she marries the man of her dreams.

What I should be doing, but am not:
Studying for my accounting final this week! I'm going to start tonight, I promise!

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