Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have a confession

My boyfriend and I haven't kissed.

We've been dating since August 2012, and are waiting til our wedding day to share our first kiss.

Whenever someone learns this little tidbit of information about us, their eyes get really big,
and they try to hide their disapproval by saying something along the lines of
"That's really sweet/cool/interesting."

Neither of us are perfectly pure Christians who have never kissed a member of the opposite sex.
Neither of us have a perfect dating history in which we protected or old boyfriends/girlfriends
hearts and purity like we should've.
Neither of us believeing kissing is bad, or that every couple should abstain from it before marriage.
But for us, it is the right choice.

The thing is, both of us have experienced where kissing leads to.
Both of us have made decisions we wished we hadn't,
and we've both dealt with the sting of regret.
We've fallen to the temptation of sin in our lives and in past relationships.
Kissing isn't the sin in itself, its just the on-ramp to sin.
For me personally, stopping at just kissing my boyfriend would probably be next to impossible.
We don't even want to open the door to sexual sin, and strive to protect the purity of our relationship.

And from the first day, we decided we didn't want to go down that road again.
We wanted this relationship to be different.
A relationship that honors God more above all us.
We hope to be a light to those around us, a message of hope and restoration.
A testimony to the grace of God to the students we mentor, and our friends in relationships, and our family members that don't know Christ.

It never is too late to say "This isn't how I want my story to end."
You cant out sin the mercy of God.
Just because you kissed one, or one hundred boys , or lost your viginity along the way,
it isn't too late for you and your relationship with Jesus, and your future husband.

"But God shows His love for us, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
-Romans 5:8
Christ died for us, so we could live. He died, and so we should die to our sins.
We should confess our sins to Him, and recieve his forgiveness.
Our God is one of nothing but love, and grace.
Once I realized one simple truth about God's character, my life changed:
"God isn't mad at you."
He isn't mad at me for all the ways I've failed him,
and all the ways I still fail him each day.
He wrote out the story of my life before I was even born, and knew every struggle I was going to face,
every time I would fall to the temptation of sin, and every time I would turn from him to go my own way.
And yet, He still sent his son to die for me, so I could live.
Waiting for anything, really, is difficult.
But I believe the longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss.
Sometimes, a lot of the time, not kissing is hard.
We struggle, but we know, that one day we will get to share our first kiss and husband and wife,
and as for now, we will get to share the message of two sinners, saved by the grace of God
who desire to honor Him and serve Him every day.
"Its beautiful. Not because its about your story or mine, but because it's about Gods."


  1. Wow, that's honorable. Good for the two of you! Boundaries that work for the relationship are REALLY important, and sounds like you both have that all figured out!

  2. This is a great vow to make to one another for God. I was always told saying that you are only going to kiss is like turning a car on and expecting to have the self control to sit in it and not drive it..thanks for sharing this!

  3. You are both such great role models! Thank-you for sharing your "confession" - very encouraging to read!

    xoxo Miss ALK


    1. Thanks for supporting me sweet friend.

  4. I got goosebumps reading this... I am sure God will bless you for this sacrifice.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Heather. I want to glorify Him with my life!

  5. Wow, I am new reader and I am blown away by your heart for Jesus. and just YES to this post. And I love that you pointed out that you don't have a perfect past, I think God will use this in big ways through your witness with others!

    1. Taylor! Thank you much for your encouragement! <3 So grateful for you , thank you!

  6. I think this is absolutely great! You both are doing what's best for you, and I think that's going to be something that you will be able to cherish on your wedding day when it comes!

  7. This reminded me so much of me and my boyfriend. We made the same decision to save our first kiss for our wedding day. Reading this was like reading my own thoughts and reasoning. May God continue to bless your marriage :)