Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Spring,
I'm so glad you're finally here! The sunshine you bring makes  me a happier person to be around. I can't wait for all the fun outdoor adventures to come, like hiking, camping, and bike riding. 

Dear accounting final,
Please be nice to me. I am sorry I haven't studied like I should. As soon as I am done with this blog post, I promise to hit the books.

Dear my sweet talented hair dresser,
Thanks for sprucing up my locks this morning, I feel like a new woman!

Dear boyfriend
I love and respect you so much. Thanks for always pointing me back to Christ. Your honesty, encouragement and love is more than I could ever ask for. Thanks for doing life with me. You're my best friend.

Dear RA Medicine, Enbrel,
Thanks for making me feel about 1000 times better, I really am glad. But if you could stop causing huge injection site reactions the size of golf balls, I'd love you even more.

Dear coconut chai lattes,
I love you. That is all.

Happy Friday, Friends! Have a blessed weekend!

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