Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Try Again Tuesdays


Running is probably the thing I miss most.
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in December, and haven't been on a real run since October 26th.
I have had a few random runs since then when I was highly medicated on prednisone, but they weren't the same, long, hard, head clearing runs I crave.
The last two months I haven't felt well enough to even do a run/walk interval run, but I am waiting expectantly for that, I just know it will be soon.

Last Tuesday my sweet friend/co-worker Karissa and I decided to try and run, and see how I felt.
Unfortuantely, we didn't make it more than a minute or so before my knees were hurting too bad, so we walked for a mile or so, and turned around.

I decided that day that every Tuesday, I was going to try running again.
That it might be slow going, I might do more walking and running,
but eventually, one Tuesday, I was going to run, and it would feel great.

After work yesterday I laced up my shoes, hit the little trail behind my apartment complex,
and attempted running.
I made it a few minutes before I had to walk, walked a minute or so, and jogged a few more minutes.
My knees were aching, and I was running slowly, but I ran just a little more than last week.
And that is a win in my book.

Another win?
That the only joints on my body that are really bothering me are my knees,
and thats only when I am running.
Four weeks ago, every joint hurt.
Typing hurt, walking hurt, getting dressed hurt, cooking hurt.
Today, I am feeling great, and almost normal.
I'll be running again soon, maybe next Tuesday?

I'm going to celebrate that.

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  1. I have just started running and it is so inspiring to see someone celebrating the little things. I hope I can be this positive. Thanks!