Friday, March 29, 2013

High 5 For Friday!

This week has been so wonderful! <3 

1. I accepted the job offer! In two weeks, I am going to be an HR Manager for a company that provides counseling and rehabilitative services to the community! I am not going to lie: I'm most excited about getting to paint my nails again, wearing cute work clothes, and having my own office.

2. I went for a run yesterday! I decided to start over on the C25K running program. Its what got me running three years ago, and since I've had to take such a long break, I decided to just start over and start slowly. That way my body can ease back into running. I had a little knee pain, but it wasn't too bad and it was so great to be out in the spring weather running again, even if it was more walking than running in the first workout.

3. Every Tuesday nights, a few girlfriends come over for bible study. We are going through the book Beautiful Battlefields, by Bo Stern (and I'm giving away a copy-please check out my giveaway here!) Sometimes we like to have theme nights, and Tuesday was Mexico night! We had Tacos, chips and guacamole, and a yummy mexican corn salad. Oh, and a few margaritas! Some nights are really deep, great conversations about the battles in our lives, the sin we're struggling with, and what God is teaching us. And other nights, like this Tuesday, we just end up having girl talk and laughing til we cried. It was just what we all needed.

4. Today is Good Friday which not only am I off for work, but it is the day that Jesus displayed his love for me, and for you, on a cross. It wasn't nails that kept him hanging on that cross, it was love. When he was denied by his friends and disciples, his words were "Father, forgive them." Tonight at church we are having a self-directed worship time, where we can reflect on what Jesus did for us and thank him. My hot boyfriend plays on our worship team, and will be playing tonight and also on Sunday morning.

5. Speaking of that guy, today he is turning 23! Its his birthday! I can't put into words how deeply thankful I am for him and the way he loves me. He is the most patient, loving, caring, selfless, funny, and charming man I know. His heart for people and his desire to serve and honor the Lord is so admirable. He is such a wonderful man, the man of my dreams, and he chose ME. So blessed.


  1. Happy Birthday to Ronnie! And congrats on your new job- how exciting!! :-) God is so good! Your bible study also sounds wonderful, and reminds me of the one that I'm in at college this year.

    xoxo Miss ALK